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My first blog: 

Hello all, this is my first step towards the beautiful world of blogging. I always had a urge to do something creative, something inspirational moreover to be involved in something where i can express myself in different ways or you can say where i can explore myself completely, to push my abilities. I love to be connected with people regardless of their culture, religion, caste or community, so what’s better than this.

Honestly i never had an experience of writing  proper articles which I can share with the world but I always love to challenge myself. So when I am writing this first post of mine there are butterflies all over my belly. I have least idea whether you will love this or not but therein lies the challenge. I can promise you with one thing that I will try my level best to provide you with all your fashion needs, makeup jazz and lifestyle shots because we do it all.

A new year and a new start, hope my journey will be beautiful. Let’s all be a part of it and make some incredible memories together.

So please share some of your own experiences of starting a blog and you can leave it in comment section or can mail me, my mail id agnijita@theprettypulse.com, will love to hear from you guys.



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  • Ankita
    January 2, 2017

    I’m in.

  • April 8, 2018

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