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Hand Made Jewellery| Indo-western fashion| Ft.- Sajja

Hand Made Jewellery| Indo-western fashion| Ft.- Sajja

Hie guys.. what is up? How are you all? I can’t believe that, these are all handmade jewellery.


Recently, I worked with a hand made jewellery Brand named Sajja. Their beautiful quirky pieces are so eye catching and so funky that you will fall in love with them, perfect for teenagers and people with very different style tastes. The girl, Shreyoshi, owns this brand and she is such a hard working and creative person. I loved working with her. She made all these pieces by herself.

You can get so many variety of this colourful, super fun pieces that you will get confused which one to choose from and the best part is it can go with a lot of your outfits, whether its Indian or western. It instantly twists the look and give it a very fun super quirky look to any outfit you wear. There are these Afgani pieces that you can find, which are unique in their own way.

You can go over their Instagram store named Sajja and order it from there.

I would love to work with you again and again. Thank you Shreyoshi. You are a genius. Way to go. Lots of love for you.



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