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how to make your highlight pop without using a liquid highlighter

how to make your highlight pop without using a liquid highlighter

Hello people, the most favourite thing for most of us in makeup today is highlight or I should say ‘Intense Highlight’.

Whether it’s your instagram picture or literally for your everyday glow you need to have one suitable disco ball in your makeup bag. Thanks to our favourite Kim Kardashian. A good highlight can totally be your dull day saviour if done right.

Here I used a Mac highlight in shade Soft and Gentle to get this subtle glow. It’s one of my favourites currently. It gives you such a nice and soft glow to your cheeks that no one can ignore. Personally I have seen that this works best during night times rather than day time because during the day, when you get sunlight directly fall on your face the highlight tends to look little bit more chunkier accentuating your pores and rough textures of your skin rather than giving you glow.

Anyways, if you want to have an intense highlight and you don’t have a liquid highlighter and a powder highlighter separately what you can do is, you can use your powder highlighter in different ways to make the highlight intense.

Do your foundation routine as regular and before applying your setting powder dampen your beauty blender with fix plus or water, I prefer fix plus, dip it into your powder or baked highlighter whatever you have and dab onto your high points of your cheeks and the area you want to highlight. I will suggest to go slow and build up your intensity gradually.

Then set your foundation and concealer with your regular setting powder and again put your highlighter on top of the areas where you had put the highlighter before.

Use a fan brush or a small eye shadow blending brush so that you have more control over the amount you put and don’t end up looking greasy oil mine.

I will come up with some highlighter hack soon so stay tuned for more updates.

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