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Photo Shoot Ideas| Ugly Location Photo Shoot Challenge

Photo Shoot Ideas| Ugly Location Photo Shoot Challenge

Hie Guys, recently I did a very fun challenge for my Youtube Channel, it’s called Ugly Location Photo Shoot Challenge. This challenge is going so viral these days on Youtube, I am seeing this every where. In this challenge you have to choose Ugly locations of your choice, and click pictures over there. I first saw this challenge on Jessica Kobessi’s channel and was so fascinated by the idea. In India, a youtuber named Dhwani Bhatt first attemted this challenge. Then I thought to give it a try.

I had so much fun shooting this video. You can watch this here .

So here are my some Photo Shoot Ideas.

For the first location I chose my building. It has an abandoned floor which is full of dust and waste materials. I went there and suddenly saw a wooden door, it was lying there. Though the location was ugly but I found this door really interesting. So I shot few photographs over there.

outfit details

Top: Globus

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Steve Madden


Then for the second location I went to my terrace. I found a very flat location over there. That is over my water tank. It was very difficult to shoot there cause we didn’t have much space and had few fixed angles to shoot, but still I thought it would be very interesting if we get few amazing shots out of that.

outfit details

Top H&M

Pant  Tailored

Shoes Steve Madden

For my third location guess where I was, I can’t believe I have done this, OHH MYY GAWWD, I was in a dumping ground, like literally a waste dump ground. It was the most difficult location for me. It was smelly and I was feeling so yucky there. I could not stand that smell for even 5 minutes, I ran out of that place. Things I do for you guys. It was hillarious. People who were passing by that road definitely thought I was crazy. Here are some pictures from that location.

outfit ideas

Shirt Vero Moda

Jeans Vero Moda


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