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positive thoughts: leave your past

positive thoughts: leave your past

Hello y’all, we all are in the middle of the second month in this new year and yeah how many of us are still living in the past?

The word ‘past’ is still much easier for someone or the worst but both equally injurious for our present. I know it’s hard to believe in the good days yet to come, to believe in other good things, life, love, time and so I will not ask you to believe in anything other than you. Because you are the only one who can keep trust on yourself and have the ability to take charge of your own life.

Past is past, it’s just not a popular quote to remember or to keep as a wallpaper of our screens, it’s the truth that we have to believe in strongly.

I know a lot people around me who are so much strangled in their past whether it is good or bad that they forget to live the present, to work for it, to make it happy and enriched.

So stop living in your past. It’s gone and will never come back, regardless the misery or happiness.

Good times stays with you as memories but if you start living in that entirely, you will forget to make your present more beautiful, you will stop working for it today. It will make you unaware of the power you have at present. And again if it’s bad then stop thinking about that getting solved by it’s own, rather get up, gather the courage and start solving it now.

You are your only motivation. No one else can be and believe me when I am saying no one that means there is truly no one in the world who knows your strength and weakness better than you.

I myself in one point of my life was so stressful about my past that I completely stopped making my present worth living for. I felt so depressed about what blunders I have done and how I made the worst decisions. I forgot to believe in me and my strengths. I was so scared to discuss my problems with my family and close friends. I feared of being called a loser.

But one day I got up in the morning and made a promise to myself that no matter what lies ahead I am not gonna quit so easily. That moment suddenly gave me a power, a power to change things, a power to trust my abilities instead of questioning it.

Everything changes when you intend and that’s how things start moving the way you want it. Stop blaming other things as your boulders of life. If you have the right fuel in you, the car will not stop at anything. Yes, there will be ups and downs, there will be days of  failures and successes but that should not define your present. Start taking the challenges because everything is not easy, you have to earn it and earning things is not as smooth as we dream. It takes a lot of power, strength, broadness and sacrifice.

Start peeping into your past as a blessing because it teaches you. It shows you your mistakes where you should improve. Experience is the best teacher in the world.

When you begin to look at things more positively you will see that, whenever you fall it gives you the courage to stand up again. No matter what the difficulties are, if you are brave enough to handle it, your half battle is done.

People will be less successful or more successful but that does not mean, that you will discourage yourself, you will stop working on yourself, stop improving yourself. And if you are doing so my friend, then you are fooling your entire possibility to win the game.

There’s only one life and if you are still wasting your time thinking of the past then you better not blame your destiny for it. Destiny only gives you situations in life, what you want to do with those situations is completely upon you. You want to break it, break it but if you want to make it then get ready for the real game.

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