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Review: Wella Sp Luxe Oil shampoo and conditioner

Review: Wella Sp Luxe Oil shampoo and conditioner

Hello people, I am extremely sorry for this delayed post. There was some technical difficulties thats why could not post this before. Anyway, as promised here is the review of Wella Sp Luxe Oil Keratin Protect shampoo and Keratin Restore conditioner.

I am using these duo from couple of months now and I was little bit confused before regarding these as I always prefer to use L’Oréal Professional range for my hair. My hair stylist had recommend it few months back and sometimes I need to experiment with different products so that I can give you my personal opinion or suggestions regarding those.

I have dry hair (colour treated) but oily scalp. I always try to find shampoos which will not dry out my hair but still not make it over oily and flat. At first when I used these duo my hair felt extremely soft and shiny but few days later I felt sudden dryness during my wash. As soon as I apply this shampoo my hair tend to get dry. It was difficult for me to wash and run my fingers through my hair during the application of the shampoo, but as soon as I applied the conditioner my hair was really soft and tangle free.

When I used to wash my hair with other shampoos it was perfectly alright and even before the conditioner my hair felt not that tangled. So I would definitely say that the Wella Sp Keratin Protect shampoo was a bit drying for my hair though it gave me volume and shine but the dryness was really not improving after certain number of washes. But the Sp Keratin Restore conditioner is really really nice. It nourishes my shaft so nicely yet won’t make it look flat. It is extremely creamy and gives amazing shine and softness.

There’s really no such thing as one best shampoo. No matter how carefully you read a shampoo’s ingredients label, there’s no way to know how its unique formulation is going to react with your hair. It can react in a certain way with my hair and the other way with yours. That’s just the way it is.

But I must say, I have a weakness for shampoos and conditioners which smell good and this Wella range has just amazing fragrance which lasts long.

Overall I am very satisfied with the conditioner but not sure with the shampoo.

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